Inflatables for rent : Flamingo, swan and Alicorn

A LARGE CHOICE OF INFLATABLES FLOATS FOR RENT AT LA MER BEACH TODAY Watersports offers beautiful inflatables for rent for kids and adults : Alicorns, Swan, Flamingo. This is the trend these days at the pool and beach clubs resorts in Dubai. Everywhere you go online, you will see stunning beach pictures with people posing […]

La Mer by Meeras, the new best Dubai beachfront project

Watersports is located at La Mer by Meeras. A new master project located in Jumeirah 1 near the Union Flag.La Mer will bring 130 cafés, licensed restaurants, hotels and a water park in the coming weeks and months. Watersports has the exclusive use of the 2 beach spots : North Beach and South Beach : […]