Watersports Activities

Watersports is offering a wide range of the best watersports activities in Dubai. One of the best tourist destination, Dubai is offering the best qualities in therms of services and attractions.


Rent our brand new Jetskis Seadoo Spark, for the best fun you will even have on a jetski …. Book now.

Jetski Tour

Our jetski tour is one of the best way to visit Dubai. Stop to the normal way of visiting a city, let’s do it by the sea and on a jetski. Enjoy our brand new jetskis for a tour who will bring you close to all the most famous spots of Dubai. The view from the sea is one of the best to discover the city.


Book your session now ! Enjoy wakeboarding on the warm sea in Dubai, with a stunning landscape for an unforgettable experience.


Try the new exciting watersport : the wakesurf. Now at Watersports.


Try now the amazing world famous watersports activity : the flyboard.
Our professional instructors will provide you with the best tips and the best equipment straight from the Zapata factory.